Homemade Coconut Yoghurt

I’ve never been a massive fan of dairy products, so I’m naturally curious to try dairy-free alternatives such as nut-based milks and yoghurts. The exception to this is that I love thick, greek-style yoghurt. It’s delicious for breakfasts, in smoothies, added to dips and sauces – basically the list is endless! The health-benefits of it…

Salter Spiralizer Review

So, I had purchased this last August, when there was quite a fuss being made about spiralizers! So why do a review now, many many months later?   Wellllll…… it seems that spiralizer’s are worth the fuss! I have been using mine easily once a week since I purchased it. And considering the majority of…

Tasty Fish Pie

Craving some comfort? give yourself a hug with this dish!

Some words about the blog

I’ve always been passionate about food. Some of my earliest memories are situated within the kitchen, helping to stir cake mixes, or butter bread, or even set the table. I am fortunate enough to have two great parents (and cooks) and between them, they are responsible for my own interest in both cooking and eating….

Tower Vita Blend Pro Review

I decided at the start of the summer that I was going to buy a NutriBullet, and jump on the blending bandwagon. However, I quickly realised that I couldn’t quite afford to invest in one, and so my summer dream of kale shakes and ball-shaped “power” snacks came to a demise. However, as the summer…