How to add more nut-rition to your diet

Nuts are always being hyped within vegetarian and nutritional circles for their health benefits, not to mention delish taste!

Here’s a handful of reasons why –

  1. They are a great source of protein which anyone eating a plant-based diet needs to ensure they’re eating enough of.
  2. They are high in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which keep your heart healthy by lowering LDL (low density lipo-proteins) levels in your blood.
  3. They are a high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help stabilise tryglyceride levels in your blood (fat) and prevent against Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  4. They contain Fiber, which most western diets are lacking; and help to promote good digestion and feelings of fullness.

I have focused on Walnuts & Almonds as they both feature in my Yummy Kale Pesto recipe.  From that recipe, you should have at least 100g of each nut left. As a student, I’m very much aware of buying more expensive items, and nuts are expensive to buy. I’m here to share some tasty ideas with you on how to add either nut to different meals!

nuts copy.jpg



Almonds have a creamy, sweet flavour and I personally think they suit breakfast and brunch meals or sweet dishes.

For breakfast throw a handful into a smoothie


use them to top your favourite cereal or porridge


Roast them on a flat tray in the oven @ 350 ° Fahrenheit or approximately 180 ° Celsius for 10 minutes. Then simply add them to a food processor to make your own Almond butter

They also are delish as a snack by themselves either roasted (with spices) or as they come.




Walnuts have a more robust flavour, and are particularly good in sweet dishes or added to certain savoury dishes to enhance the overall taste.

Toasted, chopped and sprinkled on top of soup for a heartier meal


Added to pasta dishes, preferably with pesto, grilled veg and some shavings of a hard cheese i.e. Parmesan


Used as a topping with Avocado toast. It makes for a really hearty, tasty breakfast or lunch. Add a handful of leaves to make it even more substantial.


Scattered through banana bread (Cinnamon, banana and walnut is a particularly good combination of flavours).


Enveloped in rich, gooey chocolate brownies

The list goes on, and on. The more you eat them, the more creative I think you get. If you have any suggestions of your own, please share them!





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