Tower Vita Blend Pro Review

I decided at the start of the summer that I was going to buy a NutriBullet, and jump on the blending bandwagon. However, I quickly realised that I couldn’t quite afford to invest in one, and so my summer dream of kale shakes and ball-shaped “power” snacks came to a demise. However, as the summer was nearing to a close, which was making me v e r y excited as I love Autumn (as much as I complain about being cold); it also signified the beginning of a new college year, and in fact my FINAL year!


In general I have been pretty good during my time at college with eating relatively well. However it can be difficult a lot of the time, as apart from being busy with college/work/socialising, most student accommodation or properties rented have abysmal kitchen facilities. Which, unless you think to raid your home kitchen for extra bits and pieces can leave you with few options but to buy ready-meals or crappy processed foods.


So with all these things in mind (also the fact that I was practically homeless two weeks before college started) I decided I was going to buy a smoothie-maker/blender whatever you want to call it, and it would mean that I would have no excuse to not eat somewhat healthily during the year. But surprisingly I managed to find the most beautiful house ever, which helps my recipes look better in photos!


The blender I purchased was basically a rip-off of a Nutribullet, which I found in Homestore and More, on offer for €59.99 (Originally retailing at €69.99), which I know is still expensive when you’re a student, but a friend of mine had bought a similar model a couple of weeks before and had recommended it to me. Previously I have bought really cheap blenders for college and they’ve turned to dust within a couple of uses, so I was determined to strike gold this time.


tower vita.jpg

©Image from Home Store and More

The most important thing when purchasing a blender, particularly with regard to making healthy shakes and smoothies is that it has a high wattage level. This model has 1200; which according to the leaflet will grind ice- cubes and coffee beans! So, it’s pretty diverse in it’s uses. I used this blender to make my Kale Pesto recipe, and I could not believe how smooth the end result was. So, even if you’re looking for something really cheap but that isn’t going to waste your money, ensure the wattage level is high (500+) and you should be fine.

With this model, you also get two cups with lids for carrying drinks, and a recipe manual and guide. It’s really easy to clean, just make sure not to put any parts in the dishwasher as I have heard that the heat will warp the plastic, and leave you with a mess and an unfinished drink!

A couple of months later, and I’m using this blender on an almost-daily basis, it’s made my life so much easier, and, tastier.

Have you jumped on the Nutribullet/blender bandwagon? If so, I’d love to hear from you!





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