Some words about the blog

I’ve always been passionate about food. Some of my earliest memories are situated within the kitchen, helping to stir cake mixes, or butter bread, or even set the table. I am fortunate enough to have two great parents (and cooks) and between them, they are responsible for my own interest in both cooking and eating.

I decided to start this blog to document some of my favourite recipes, and thanks to new technology and nutritional information, we really can eat a lot better today than in the past. There are so many healthy alternatives to classic dishes, and I will try some of these out and post about my experiences here.

I’m not a vegetarian, however I do believe that everyone should be making a conscious effort to eat more sustainably for both themselves and the planet. Therefore, the majority of posts will focus on clean eating, vegetarian and plant-based alternatives. My main reason for implementing this is to show how accessible, and affordable it is to make a healthier change to your diet, without a loss of flavour.

As I am a student, everything I make will be affordable and relatively quick to make. There’s no reason not to have delish food in college.

If you have any thoughts of your own or suggestions leave a message below, I’d love to hear from you.



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