Tasty Fish Pie

 It’s been an inexcusably long time since I shared a recipe on here.. to say the least Post-Lunch Blues has been a neglected child of mine. BUT NOT ANY MORE! I did put that in capitals for emphasis, not gonna lie. I’m the type of person that if there’s record of me saying something, I’m far more likely to stick to it. So there it is, I’m officially back to throw myself into being more creative and bloggy as a person.



Spring has sprung on 2017, and I’m excited to get back into creating and eating yummy dishes.  The weather has been a bit crazy of late, and  of course, of all the possible things to possibly go wrong at a concurrent time – our heating broke. Not only did it break though, oh no, but it only got fixed yesterday, meaning that we had no heating for an entire week!! I’ll openly admit to being a cold person, and as grateful as I am for renting in an astonishingly gorgeous house, the bloody thing is so spread out and freezing. My bedroom is in a garage extension, which is architecturese for a freezing icebox of death. Hyperbole? P e r h a p s. I could see my breath in there though. That is true.



So in the midst of living in what I can only imagine as similar to the conditions in which people climb Everest, the evenings were still dark and gloomy, and I’m also in my final semester of final year of my undergraduate course  – (Typing that still freaks me out) (bear with me…. just having a millisecond of a heart-attack) ….aaaaaand we’re back. Suffice to say I was craving some comfort.


Mashed potatoes are class, and it’s all I really wanted, however as a student you’re never going to buy them because they come in family-size bags and also chances are you’ve spent like 15 years being reared on dinners whose foundations were mashed potatoes.. and you’re beyond sick of it.


Potatoes tend to get a bit of a bad rep these days as not being the healthiest source of carbohydrates, and the fact that you’re more than likely going to eat them in the evening – when the surge of energy that they provide is not needed or utilized (in most instances). Here you only need around 3 medium sized spuds, if any. The modification here to be a bit more interesting & healthy is the addition of Butter beans. Which are delish in their own right, for their creamy texture. If you don’t like potatoes or don’t have any, you could definitely use all butter beans for the mash! Just double (or triple) the amount as you need.


You can buy tins of butter beans in all supermarkets, the cheapest being Lidl or Aldi. All you have to do is drain them, rinse with some cold water and chuck them in a pot with a good glug of oil (whatever your preference), some seasoning and heat briefly before mashing.  Anyone that’s a bit suspicious about the end result – you can’t tell the difference, especially with something like a fish pie, where the mash is just the topping. If you need more convincing on beans, read all about them here.


This was probably the second time in my entire college life I’ve made something with potatoes for that reason – but it was indescribably perfect. The evening I made and enjoyed this delish fish pie was the day our heating was fixed, and let me tell you – that is what true happiness is.


I’ll set the scene in more detail: A horrible, freezing, gale-force windy evening (turns out there was a storm called Doris occurring), a house that was practically damp from the cold suddenly being enveloped in cosy, lovely warmth and a really tasty, comforting fish pie for dinner. If you’re into the Hygge labelling – than I’m pretty sure it was a Hygge evening.


Fish pies are really handy as a dinner option, just add in whatever veg you have in your kitchen/freezer/cupboards.


If you’re not into fish, you could use a mix of lentils and veg, or lean meat like turkey or chicken.


Only stipulation is that if you’re using fish, go out and buy dill. It is the difference in this being meh and it being delish! Understandably you’re going to be left with a good amount of the packet left, but it freezes perfectly!



I know it doesn’t look uber pretty, it’s kind of the problem with making a meal that doesn’t fill the oven dishes in your kitchen – it collapses on the plate. But hey, just a reality of renting a house right?


The almond milk I used was the Alpro version, and though it tasted fine the colour was a little darker than most – hence the colour of the sauce. Typically, it would be creamy and lighter in colour.



Anyways ..enough rambling, here’s the recipe!


  • seafood mix – salmon, white fish, smoked haddock/coley
  • potatoes – 3 medium
  • 1x tin butter beans, drained
  • butter/coconut oil/ rapeseed 1tsp.
  • 2 leeks (small enough) (or 3x shallots)
  • good pinch salt & pepper
  • parsley
  • sweetcorn – ½ small tin
  • broccoli – 3-4 florets chopped
  • 1 small parsnip small cubes
  • small clump dill – about 1/3 of a pack, finely chopped
  • almond milk about a cup – 250 ml
  • cornflour, dissolved in a bit of cold water
  • ½ lemon, squeezed


  1. Wash potatoes, put them on to boil (20 mins).
  2.  Finely slice leeks,  broccoli, parsnips, dill.
  3.  Sauté leeks with oil of choice over a medium-low  heat for at least 10 minutes. You will see them start to soften, not brown, which makes them sweeter.
  4. Once softened, throw in the parsnip, almond milk, herbs and fish and cook with a lid on for 10 minutes.
  5. Drain potatoes & tin of butter beans, and add back to pot.
  6. Add broccoli & sweetcorn to fish mix, add lemon juice too.
  7. Add salt & pepper and a glug of oil or small knob of butter to the potato and bean mix and start mashing!
  8. Dissolve cornflour in a small bit of water and mix until smooth. Then add a drop at a time to the fish mix until sauce is thickened.
  9. Allow fish mix to cool completely before adding to a dish if you want to top with the potato and bean mash and brown in the oven, otherwise it will get a bit messy!
  10. If browning, put in oven at 180° for 15-20 minutes and enjoy!

serve with some side salad, or steamed greens!


  • All potato topping – try grating the potato mixture on top for rosti like effect.
  • Spinach would be a delish accompaniment to the pie
  • I left the skins on my spuds –I prefer them that way, and they’re better for you!


What do you guys think? Have you any recommendations of your own? I’d love to hear them!





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