Benefits of Beans

Beans, beans, the magical fruit…


Beans aren’t a fruit but an incredible variety of pulses! Chickpeas, lentils, beans are all delicious, cheap, protein sources that everyone should be eating regularly!


Some benefits include:


  • Due to their soluble fibre, they promote good cardiovascular health by lowering triglyceride and and LDL (low-density lipo-proteins) levels in your blood.


  • They are low in fat


  • A ½ cup serving provides 7 grams of protein, equivalent to 1oz of meat or fish



  • They have a low GI, which means they are digested slowly by the body – keeping you fuller for longer but also..


  • ..stabilising your blood-glucose levels



  • Due to their high fiber and antioxidant cancer, it is suggested that they can help reduce chronic illnesses and risks of developing cancer


  • Super quick and easy to cook – if you don’t have the time to buy dried beans, no problem! Tins of ready to eat beans are on all shelves everywhere, most of which are stored in water.



  • Great sources of folate, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc.


Studies have been done showing…


Shangai Women’s Health Study (SWHS) on prevention of type 2 diabetes, showed that the more legumes that these women were eating (a study of over 64,000), their risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduced dramatically


General benefits of bean consumption:


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