Salter Spiralizer Review

So, I had purchased this last August, when there was quite a fuss being made about spiralizers! So why do a review now, many many months later?


Wellllll…… it seems that spiralizer’s are worth the fuss! I have been using mine easily once a week since I purchased it. And considering the majority of that time Irish weather has been fairly wintery, that’s no mean feat.


With a real touch of spring now in the air, healthier meals are on the fore front of everyone’s minds, and here is the perfect way to do that!


It’s incredibly easy (and fun) to prep your veg this way, not to mention that it brings a whole new set of textures and creativity to your lunches and dinners!

salter spiralizer

Photo credit: Home store & More ™

I must admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of courgettes as I always thought they tended to get quite soggy and not bring that much flavour to the plate. So imagine my surprise that spiralized courgette (courgetti) is unbelievably nice! The centre part of the courgette that is the mushier part gets cored in this machine, which you could then chop and add to your dish if you like, or (if like me) you don’t like that part, it does ALL the hard work for you!


This is really easy to clean, with all parts coming apart, and it’s sturdy enough that it is not a gimmick in any way.


The best part of this device is that there are three blades you can choose from – one that makes ribbons, and then two for spaghetti/noodles with varying thickness.


It cost me about €15, which is a completeeee bargain! I purchased it in a Home store and More branch in Sligo, but there are so many models out there in almost all homeware shops.


I cannot recommend this enough!









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