Hey there

So you’re probably thinking, why should I even read this blog? There are already thousands of amateur bloggers out there throwing their seemingly revolutionary opinions on topics close to their hearts online, for the wider world to benefit from. Blogs can be self-serving, redundant platforms for frankly unimaginative drivel.

How can I possibly compare myself to this and somehow not appear smug?

Well, firstly I’m pretty self aware.

My main reason for setting up this blog is because I’m passionate about food. I love cooking, eating, going for dinner or hosting casual get-togethers. It’s a central part of my lifestyle and socialising –  Who doesn’t like hanging with friends and eating something great?

The rise of plant-based diets and vegetarian alternatives, is brilliant news for everybody. We can all benefit from consuming additional vitamins and minerals, especially when the majority of food consumed today is pre-packaged or processed in some manner. In Ireland, it’s so engrained within our society to eat meat with almost all meals or that it won’t sustain your body. We now have an incredible wealth of nutritional information at our fingertips, and it is so easy to choose healthier and more sustainable options for ourselves and the planet.

My aim is to show that you can incorporate more vegetarian and plant-based food sources into your diet, without it taking up all your free time. As I am a student, all the recipes and dishes prepared are affordable to make.  That is the key aspect of my blog – to show that even a student can eat really well, and make more informed choices. One of the definite downsides to a lot of plant-based diets is that they cost a lot more to sustain than your average supermarket shop. This is mainly down to niche, quality ingredients that aren’t found in all supermarkets.

However, as people are becoming more aware of their own nutritional choices and environmental obligations to adapt diets, the overall cost is falling to accommodate this change, meaning more delish and inventive food for everyone!

I hope you enjoy my posts, and feel free to drop a message with any suggestions or feedback, it will be warmly welcomed.